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Charlie 100

For our favorite dragon tamer

Charlie Weasley 100
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In the grand tradition of HP drabble communities such as bill100 and weasley100 comes charlie100!

Charlie 100--a drabble community for everyone's favorite red-headed dragon tamer!

  • A new challenge will be posted every week. Every entry should feature Charlie, duh.

  • Entries should be around 100 words--this isn't called Charlie 100 for nothing! A little over 100 is okay, but please, try to keep it under 125.

  • No Weasleycest. Ugh. Threesomes are okay, as long as there's no incest. Incest is not best.

  • Please do not join unless you're at least 18. This community may contain writing rated higher than PG-13.

  • Anything goes except for Weasleycest! That means slash, het, gen, whatever. Anything rated higher than PG-13 (R, NC-17, etc) must go behind a cut.

  • No off-topic posting! This includes pimping another community without permission from a mod. Posts of this sort will be deleted, and if the poster continues, he/she will be banned.

  • You must join in order to post drabbles! However, lurkers are welcome to read and comment.

  • Be excellent to each other. No flaming or wars or general nastiness. Keep the claws retracted and everyone will have a good time.

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Challenge name and number:
Author's Notes:
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If you'd like to afflilate, just drop us a comment!

Charlie Weasley Quick Facts
Date of Birth: December 12, 1972
Age (as of HPB): 23
Occupation: Dragon Keeper
Location: Currently living in Romania
Former House: Gryffindor